3/4 length dress

$ 3,690.00
Runway look 28. Sure to be one of the strongest pieces of the season and a perfect example of the tightly crafted elegance that characterizes the collection, playing textures and materials against each other and contrasting refined elegance with edgy accents. This magnificently constructed dress in a powdery pink silk and wool blend has chiffon sleeves. Diagonal slashes slice through the sides of the waist and are inset with chiffon. The expert tailoring is evidenced by the geometric seams. A central front slit to mid-thigh adds a sexy edge to this otherwise refined cocktail dress. The deep V neck is layered over a georgette halter-style top that is sewn on underneath. Diagonal front pockets. Zips closed up the back. 27RH65-27600-493
Made in Italy

50% Virgin Wool, 50% Silk